About Sales Tax Bar Association (Regd.)

Sales Tax was introduced in Delhi in the year 1951 when Bengal Finance Sales Tax Act was extended to the Union Territory of Delhi with effect from 1.11.1951. Initially, there was no formal association of Tax Practitioners in Delhi. Sales Tax Bar Association was registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860, vide Certificate of Registration No. 1078 of 1956-57 dated 30th March, 1957.

The aims and objects of the Association, inter alia, are:-

To promote and maintain a high standard of professional brotherhood among the member of the Association;

To promote and diffuse knowledge and study of law and practice concerning Sales Tax, Income Tax, Business Profit Tax, Estate Duty and other allied Laws.

To Provide facilities and conveniences to the members of the Association, to maintain a library, to arrange meetings, conferences and the reading of papers on Sales Tax and other subjects with a view to advancing, propagating, improving and simplifying the laws of taxation for the benefit of its members in particular and of tax payers in general;


Sales Tax Bar Association (Regd.)

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