Group Benevolent Fund

  1. To raise and create a Benevolent Fund for the benefit of the families of the members of the Sales Tax Bar Association, Delhi in case a member of the Association, dies, his/her family shall be provided benefit in the form of cash from the fund.
  2. To render help to the members who due to some accident or otherwise are permanently disabled to carry on with their profession.

      1. This fund shall be deemed to have been created on 1.1.1975.
      2. Every member of the Association shall pay:
        1. A sum of Rs. 7500/- (w.e.f. 25.05.2012) towards the capital of the Benevolent Fund and the same shall be payable at the time of his admission to the membership.
        2. Over and above such contribution, if any, required to be made, every participating member of the Benevolent Fund scheme shall contribute Rs. 3000/- in three equal instalments towards the corpus of the said fund. However, a member, may, if he so wishes, make a lump sum contribution of Rs. 3000/- in the very first year in which he becomes liable to make contribution.
        3. A member shall pay Rs. 500/- every year as annual contribution towards the Benevolent Fund over and above the amount paid at the time of admission and as contribution towards Corpus.
      3. Contribution to this fund shall also be accepted and collected.
      4. To augment the fund, function like cultural bod e, fairs, film shows etc., shall also be organized and souvenirs and brochures be issued.
      5. A separate bank account in the name of the Association shall be opened where receipts, in respect of the fund whether received from members along with yearly subscriptions or from contributions or other sources, shall be put in and shall not be used for any purpose other than the one mentioned in the objects of the fund above.
      6. The bank account relating to the fund shall be operated upon by the President and the Secretary of the Association, jointly. The moneys of the fund in excess of Rs. 1000/- shall be put in Fixed Deposit for a term to be decided by the Executive Committee of the Sales Tax Bar Association, Delhi.
      7. The fund shall be managed by the Executive Committee of the Sales Tax Bar Association, Delhi.
        1. A member of the Sales Tax Bar Association, who has not been in arrears for continuously two years in the matter of payment of subscription of the Association on the date when the subscription is due, if he/she dies on or after 5the May 2001, his/her family shall be helped with a sum of Rs. 50,000/- in case his/her death is in the financial year ending on 31.3.2002, Rs. 75,000/- in case his/her death is in the financial year ending 31.3.2003 and Rs. 1,00,000/- in case of his/her death is in the financial year ending on 31.3.2004 and thereafter.
          Removal in this rule shall mean removal of his/her name from list of members by the Executive Committee from the date of such resolution.
        2. As soon as information is received regarding the death of a member, an emergent meeting of the Committee shall be called and it shall be decided in what mode and manner, the benefit/help is to be given to the family of the deceased.
      8. In case of disability of any member due to an accident or otherwise, the Executive may sanction any help and also the mode and manner in which such help has to be given. Any such help shall be given out of the Benevolent Fund of the Association.
      9. The Executive Committee of the Sales Tax Bar Association, Delhi, may make any changes in the object and Rules and Regulations of this fund by 3/4th majority of the members of the Executive Committee. Such a decision of the Executive shall be subjected to the sanction by the General House of the Association.
      10. Any member, who after obtaining the age of 50 years, joins this Association for the first time, then he shall neither be entitled to any benefits nor be liable to make any payments under this Scheme.
      11. A separate account of the receipt, income and disbursement shall be maintained in respect of the fund of the Scheme and shall be placed before the General House for approval every year in the Annual General Meeting of the Association.
      12. ln case of member who is enrolled as member of the Association between the age of 40 and 50 years, his family shall be entitled to benefits @50% of the sums specified in sub-rule (a) of rule 8 of the Rules and Regulations of the Benevolent Fund.
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